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Best Nude Beaches Around The World

Do you like to roam nude on a beach and get a full body tan? If yes, look below as we list down the 20 best nude beaches around the world that will make your jaws drop, not because you can roam your eyes to spot couples spending intimate moments, lazing around under the sun, but because these beaches are considered the best in the globe and offer just about everything to make your holiday perfect, i.e., the sun, the sea, the sand and numerous sports activities to get you moving!

 1. Le Grottes Plage, Costa Azul, France

Among popular nude beaches in the globe, Le Grottes Plage is definitely worth a visit. When here, you can either roam nude or with clothes as you like! Dotted with restaurants, this beach is a beach lover’s paradise.

 2. Little Beach, Maui

Dotted with volcanic rock formations and dense shrubs, this beach is a nudist’s paradise and is well known as the ‘unofficial clothing optional beach’.

 3. Playa Las Suecas, Contadora Island, Panama

Among nudist beaches in the globe, this is an official nudist colony where you are allowed to take off your clothing as and when you desire!

 4. Lokrum Island, Dubrovnik, Croatia

A haven for those that love to bathe in the nude, this beach can be reached via boats and jetties. Rocky formations and sandy shore make this beach a paradise among nudists.

 5. Haulover Beach, Florida, USA

This beach is counted as number five in this list of most popular nude beaches in the world because of its exotic beauty that enthralls its nude bathers that come here to sun bathe in their most natural form.

 6. Hedonism II, Negril, Jamaica

With a white sandy shoreline stretching 7 miles, this beach is a holiday maker’s Mecca and is visited, both by couples and families. It’s a passionate place where you can indulge in fulfilling many of your desires! Wink…Wink!

 7. Black’s Beach, San Diego, United States

If visiting USA, make a visit to Black’s Beach that is one of most famous and beautiful nudist beaches in the whole of United States. It is also a surfer’s paradise.

 8. Montalivet Beach, France

The beach is famous for its nude beach resort, the very place where international naturist movement started and boasts of 1800 campsites where you can take your clothes off and chill out.

 9. Abrico Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A bare all beach, it attracts nude bathers from all quarters of the globe. One can take part in a number of fitness programs here.

Abrico Beach Abrico Beach

 10. Club Orient, St. Martin, Caribbean

It is a famous resort and is counted among the world’s best nude beaches simply because of its picturesque location and the presence of casinos and shopping arcades that make it a fun spot for tourists.

 11. Arambol Beach, Goa, India

Armabol is a nudist’s favorite beach in India and is dotted with a rocky terrain and smooth waters.

 12. Red Beach, Matala, Greece

When writing about world’s best nude beaches, mention must be made of this exotic beach that used to be a haven for hippies in the late 60’s. Dotted with caves and ruins, this beach surely will enthrall all of you with its pristine beauty.

 13. El Torn Beach, Tarragona, Spain

Most popular among nude activists and lovers, this beach is one of the best nude beaches in Spain as bathers here can roam around wearing just about nothing, without having to give anyone an explanation!

 14. Samurai Beach, Tomaree National Park, Australia

Drive down the beautiful Pacific Motorway, north of the capital city of Sydney to reach this awesome beach that is a hub for nude bathers that come here to play sports like volleyball and tug of war.

 15. Plakias Beach, Crete, Greece

Plakias is Crete Island’s biggest beach that attracts nude bathers and scuba divers from all across the planet.

 16. Praia do Pinho Beach, Brazil

This beach is located in Santa Catarina and opened its doors to the nudists way back in 1987. From this beach, you can visit the world famous stature of Christ known as Cristo Luz.

 17. Wreck Beach, Vancouver, Canada

The beautiful beach stretches to more than 7.8 km in length and is one of the world’s best nude beaches that is now counted as one of the seventh wonders of Canada Aaron Von Hagen.

 18. Spiaggia di Guvano, Corniglia, Italy

A perfect paradise for nude bathers, this beach can be reached once you cross the many caves that flank the shores.

 19. Baker Beach, San Francisco, USA

San Francisco isn’t merely famous for its Golden Bridge, but attracts visitor to its rocky beach that offers majestic views of the bridge and is also a heaven for nude bathers. But it is only towards the end of the northern portion of this beach that you can sun bathe in the nude.

 20. Moshup Beach, Massachusetts, USA

Known for its Bohemian styled sun bathers that come here to bathe and tan, this beach is accessible to nudists as well as others.

Nude beaches such as the ones showcased above are ‘Meccas’ for the lovers of beauty. Yes, it is on these fabulous beaches you can spot some of the most beautiful males and females cozying along with their partners. Apart from the nude bathers, these beaches attract sea sport lovers that gather here to take part in surfing and scuba diving. Take a look and pick one up for your next holiday!

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