Top 15 Beaches in Spain

Planing to head out to Spain for enjoying the cool summery breezes and sandy beaches, but, not coming to a decision regarding the places to visit? Well, here is presenting a comprehensive list that contains the top 15 beaches in Spain that are the best in Europe and must be seen before you die! Here take a look:

1. Conil de la Frontera

The most beautiful and charming beach destination is Spain, Conil is a place you cannot miss visiting this time as it is a small town that has a unique beauty to it. It is also referred by travelers as ‘White Village’ since all the houses and buildings are painted in white and look awesome.

With a long sandy beach line, Conil attracts hundreds that come here to enjoy the sun, sea and the sumptuous food. Tourists can stay in any hotel as per their liking and budgets for this place offers a wide variety of accommodation.

Conil de la Frontera Conil de la Frontera Conil de la Frontera Conil de la Frontera

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2. Puerto Banus

Located on the southern coastline of Spain, Puerto Banus is a cool beach destination in Costa del Sol. The place is a haven for tourists that would love its cool and laid back style of life, a much coveted luxury in today’s’ chaotic life.

The beach is beautiful with silver sands and frothy waves. Puerto Banus is the perfect place where you can forget about your worries and get immersed in fun filled activities like yachting and late night parties.

Puerto Banus Puerto Banus Puerto Banus Puerto Banus

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 3. Salou

If you are planning to vacation hard and engage in fun, then the best place for you has to be none other than the beautiful beach town of Salou, located close to Tarragona.

The town is situated in the region of Costa Dorado and is flocked by tourists all round the year who come here to have a relaxing time. If you have sufficient time on your hands, you can also visit Tarragona, a city that is well known for its well preserved buildings.

Salou Salou Salou Salou

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 4. Nerja

Also known as a jewel of Southern Spain, Nerja is a tourist paradise waiting to be explored. The beach town is famous for its caves that are natural, as well as The Balcony of Europe, known by the name of Nerja Roman Aqueduct, a place from where one can get splendid views of the Mediterranean sea.

The place is just perfect for taking strolls with your family and spend some quality time together. Nerja is home to a stunning array of silvery beaches that are the hub for all kinds of water sports.

Nerja Nerja Nerja Nerja

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 5. Tarifa

An awesome place to satiate your adventure lust, Tarifa offers travelers all kinds of water sports activities that are available here in large numbers. From kite surfing to wind surfing, this beach town offers everything.

The town is pristine and offers tourists a chance to enjoy themselves at the various beaches that too are astonishingly beautiful. For those nature lovers that love to watch birds, there are bird watching tours conducted too.

Tarifa Tarifa Tarifa Tarifa

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 6. Salobrena

Famed for its roman ruins, the small beach town of Salobrena is located along the southern coastline of Spain and is known for its pristine beaches.

Most travelers that come here are the typical lovers of history and architecture that would fall in love with the town’s Moorish castle that is a landmark to be reckoned with. It is a magnificent monument and is built on top of a rock from where one can enjoy sunrise and sunset.

Salobrena Salobrena Salobrena Salobrena

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 7. Ibiza Town

Are you looking forward to enjoy clubbing and aren’t sure about the place that can offer you such fun? Well, come to Ibiza Town, a paradise where clubbers congregate to have a fun filled vacation.

It is one among the best beach towns of Spain that is home to some world famous beach parties like the Bora Bora Party and many others like it. The town is accessible by ferries that can take you to other nearby places like Barcelona and Valencia.

Ibiza Ibiza Ibiza Ibiza

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8. Poo beach, Llanes, Asturias

Do you have kids and want to take them to a very spectacular beach that has all kinds of offerings specially meant for kiddies like swinging, banana boat rides and other similar activities?

If yes, it is a good idea to hit the famous Poo Beach, located in Asturias region of Spain. surely sounds funny and your kids would simply have a hearty laugh the moment you mention the name, but more than the name, it is the vibe of this beautiful beach that sets it apart from others.

Poo beach, Llanes, Asturias Poo beach, Llanes, Asturias Poo beach, Llanes, Asturias Poo beach, Llanes, Asturias

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9. Zahara de los Atunes, Cádiz

Spain is home to some spectacular beach towns that are actually fishing villages that are abodes of pristine beaches and offer all kinds of luxuries to the quintessential travelers.

The one mentioned here is a lazy little town that has a magnificent beach with azure waters and sandy shoreline. It is an unadulterated beach that is not very often visited by travelers but you mustn’t miss a chance to be here.

Zahara de los Atunes Zahara de los Atunes Zahara de los Atunes Zahara de los Atunes

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10. El Palmar beach, Cádiz

Not a very commercial beach, the El Palmar Beach is located in Cadiz region. The most peculiar thing about this beach is the absence of any exotic resorts or restaurants that would cater to your luxuries.

However, one must take heart since the beach offers pristine sandy shore and windy atmosphere, a perfect place to chill out! El Palmar offers shacks cum bars that offer sumptuous snacks and wine, most famous being chiringuitos and boquerones that are simply lip smacking!

El Palmar beach El Palmar beach El Palmar beach El Palmar beach

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11. Playa Santa María del Mar, Cádiz

A very crowd friendly beach, Playa Santa Maria del Mar is every local’s favorite joint specially during summers when it comes alive with tourists and various touristic activities. The beach is clean and one can take part in activities like surfing.

With a number of shacks and bars offering drinks and delicious sea fare, the beach is a hub for the famous carnival that is held every February and attracts a major draw of tourists.

Playa Santa María del Mar Playa Santa María del Mar Playa Santa María del Mar Playa Santa María del Mar

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 12. Sanlúcar de Barrameda

Probably the only beach in the world that gets transformed into a race course is Sanlúcar de Barrameda. The beach, apart from offering the usual clean waters and mouth watering sea fare, also attracts a fair share of horse owners and racers that come here to participate in races that are simply spectacular when watched from the beach chairs against the azure waters and golden rays of the sun.

If you have a horse to run in this race, the local kids are employed to welcome you with betting slips and sweets, a thing only to be seen here.

Sanlúcar de Barrameda Sanlúcar de Barrameda Sanlúcar de Barrameda Sanlúcar de Barrameda

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 13. Playa del Silencio

Also known as the Bay of Silence, the Playa del Silencio is literally a secluded beach that is a haven for honeymooners that want privacy.

Not visited by many even during the most busy months of September to December, the beach is known to offer a panoramic view from atop the rocky formations that are a special feature of this region.

For those that want a tranquil time must visit this pristine beach surrounded by rocks and pine trees.

Playa del Silencio Playa del Silencio Playa del Silencio Playa del Silencio

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 14. Aigua Blava

If you haven’t seen any place as spectacularly beautiful, come to Aigua Blava, beach that would mesmerize you to no limits with its crystal clear beach and calm blue waters. Located bang in between the two coves, the place looks like a paradise.

There are very few shacks that offer mouth watering snacks and drinks to refresh your minds and bodies. It is one of the most incredibly beautiful beaches of Spain.

Aigua Blava Aigua Blava Aigua Blava Aigua Blava

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 15. Sitges, Catalonia

Among the most happening beaches of Spain is Sitges, a beach town that is very closely located near Barcelona and can be reached using varied means of transport quite easily.

The beach town is home to about seventeen awesome beaches , most of them being hubs for all kinds of festivities and carnivals.

Most travelers come here to revel in the laid back life and fun filled times offered in plenty. One can also take a detour to Botigues for a more tranquil experience.

Sitges, Catalonia Sitges, Catalonia Sitges, Catalonia Sitges, Catalonia

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Spain is a beautiful country boasting of some breathtaking beaches. Listed above are the Top 15 Beaches in Spain of which none are to be given a miss!

One must plan his or her holidays to any one of these magnificent coastal towns to have an awesome experience. I am sure, this post would inspire you to let go of other typically visited places and instead choose the famous beaches of Spain this time.

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