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15 Best Anti-Aging Herbs

Have you found yourself bothered with wrinkles or lines on your face? Or have you found your eyesight getting pooreror found yourself more forgetful than usual? These are typical signs of aging but thankfully, there are many ways you can take to prevent them. To save money and use healthier and natural products, I have found it more preferable to take the organic route and use the following 15 anti-aging herbs that you should know that work significantly well.

  1. Basil

The Answer Against Free Radicals

Basil, whether dried or fresh, has long been an herb used in cooking. However, multiple researches have proven that not only is it an amazing addition to food but it also plays a role in fighting against free radicals which damage cells, leading to aging.

15 Best Anti-Aging Herbs

  2. Cat’s Claw

The Herb For Aching Joints

To prevent problems such as aching joints, arthritis, or the like, you can use Cat’s Claw, an herb that originated from South and Central America. It helps in the production and preservation of cartilage and provides relief from stiff and inflamed joints.

15 Best Anti-Aging Herbs

  3. Celery

Another Way To Improve Eyesight

One of the signs of aging is poorer eyesight, making it necessary to use thick glasses just to see clearly. Celery helps prevent this by providing a source of Vitamin A which aids in improving your eyesight and maintaining them in a healthy condition.

15 Best Anti-Aging Herbs

  4. Chinese Club Moss

The Key To Keeping Sharp

Chinese Club Moss, in addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, contains an enzyme inhibitor called huperzine that prevents the breakdown of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter which is depleted as a person ages. This makes it easier for your nerve cells to communicate with one another and helps keeps your brain sharp.

15 Best Anti-Aging Herbs

  5. Ginkgo

The Best Herb For Anti-Aging

Ginkgo or ginkgo biloba is one of the best, if not the best herb for anti-aging. Its two active components, terpene lactones and ginkgo flavone glycosides, act in numerous ways to improve cognitive function, improve blood circulation, and fight against free radicals that cause aging.

15 Best Anti-Aging Herbs

  6. Ginger

A Great Anti-Oxidant

You probably commonly use ginger as a spice to flavor dishes but did you know it is also popularly used an herb to detoxify and prevent aging? Its active constituent, gingerol, has been shown to act as an anti-oxidant in multiple studies along with other constituents such as shogaol.

15 Best Anti-Aging Herbs

  7. Ginseng

An Herb To Keep Your Skin Youthful

Aging can manifest in different ways but your skin would be first to show it. Your skin will start to lose their elasticity and even its youthful glow. This can be prevented by taking ginseng which will help keep your skin firm and bright due to its large number of phytonutrients.

15 Best Anti-Aging Herbs

  8. Gotu Kola

Rejuvenate Your Skin

Another herb that helps keep your skin youthful is Gotu Kola. Though it is traditionally used to treat a number of disorders such as varicose veins and hepatitis, it has been recently found to have anti-aging properties by stimulating the promotion of collagen which keeps your skin firm and soft.

15 Best Anti-Aging Herbs

  9. Jiaogulan

An Herb More Effective Than Ginseng

Originating from China, Jiaogulan is an herb with a number of uses such as for anti-cancer and prevention of high blood pressure. However, it also functions as an anti-aging herb more effective than ginseng due to its higher amount of saponins which have anti-oxidant activity.

15 Best Anti-Aging Herbs

  10. Licorice Root

For Clear And Young-Looking Skin

As you age, you may find yourself speckled with age spots due to acne or UV exposure. Licorice root, an herb commonly used in China, is the answer to this sign of aging. Applied topically, it will help lighten the skin and age spots due to its active ingredient, glabridin.

15 Best Anti-Aging Herbs

  11. Mistletoe

More Than Just A Christmas Decoration

Mistletoe is a plant well-known for its association with Christmas but did you know that it has a variety of medicinal uses as well as anti-aging properties? It is composed of chemicals that prevent aging and damage caused by oxidative stress and the presence of free radicals.

15 Best Anti-Aging Herbs

  12. Neem

Nourish Your Skin

Along with other anti-aging herbs that seek to nourish your skin by removing age spots and wrinkles, Neem or more specifically, neem oil, has anti-aging properties due to the presence of a high amount of Vitamin E. It has an antioxidant property and prevents damage to the cells caused by oxidative stress.

15 Best Anti-Aging Herbs

  13. Oregano

Anti-Aging As Well As Medicinal Properties

Oregano may be better known for its medicinal properties but rest assured it is also an excellent anti-aging herb. The oil extracted from it contains a high level of anti-oxidants as well as vitamins such as A, C, and E that help prevent the signs of aging.

15 Best Anti-Aging Herbs

  14. Parsley

A Great Source of Vitamins A And C

You can not only use parsley as an add-on to your savory dishes but also as an anti-aging product. It is rich in vitamins such as vitamins A and C, both of which act to prevent signs of aging such as wrinkles and dull skin.

15 Best Anti-Aging Herbs

  15. Rosemary

Protect Your Brain and Skin

Chances are you use rosemary to add aroma and flavor in cooking different dishes.However, it is more than just an aromatic herb. Carnosic acid, an active ingredient in rosemary, helps to protect your brain from age-related neurodegenerative diseases by fighting free radicals present in the brain.

15 Best Anti-Aging Herbs

Aging is inevitable but with anti-aging herbs, you can easily slow it down. Herbs, as opposed to other expensive products, are something I prefer as not only do they cost less, they are also safer and more effective.

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