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25 Top Tourist Attractions in Italy You Should Visit

With a kaleidoscope of enchanting scenic landscapes dotted with pristine lakes, mountain peaks covered with snow, cities and towns that bear testimony to a rich historical past, gorgeous cathedrals and charming villas to cute pizzerias and cafes that sell mouth watering pizzas and chocolates, Italy, the nation that resembles a boot on the world map is an ultimate traveler’s paradise. Lets take a look at the 25 top tourist attraction in Italy that range from scenic hamlets, museums, cities, lakes, monuments and fashionable streets. Visiting these places will definitely make you say it clear and loud – Italia e Bella, or Italy is beautiful!

 1. Isola di Burano

Whats that one striking feature that looks attractive in Isola di Burano? Well, you guessed right my friends! Its the brightly painted houses here that catch your attention the moment you visit this beautiful island town. The town is nestled on the island Isola di Burano located in a lagoon and is world famous for its colorful rows of houses that can be seen from a long distance in the sea. Of all the houses, the most famous house is called “la Casa di Bepi Sua”. Its colorful and its facade resembles many a different shapes of geometry.

Isola di Burano Isola di Burano Isola di Burano Isola di Burano

 2. Amalfi Coast

Italy is beautiful no doubt, but when you happen to be at Amalfi Coast, you feel as if this is the best destination whose beauty cannot be compared with any other place in this country. Located in Campania’s southwestern quarter, the magnificent Amalfi Coast looks gorgeous with its many cliffs and about 30 miles of sun kissed beaches that are dotted with beautiful villas, gardens blooming with seasonal flowers and lemon trees. The coast is a much favored destination for the elite.

Amalfi Coast Amalfi Coast

 3. Blue Grotto

In this list of the best places in Italy that you must visit, the Blue Grotto Cave in Capri will leave a lasting impression on your minds with its absolutely stunning blue water that flows inside and all around it. Located on a mountain’s side, the cave has a narrow entrance and needs you to duck your head before you make an entry inside. The water here is exceptionally blue and very calm, allowing you to navigate the insides of the cave without any difficulty. Visitors come here mostly for enjoying the blue aquamarine color of the water as well as for watching sunsets while floating on a rowboat.

Blue Grotto Blue Grotto

 4. Bologna

Bologna is most famous for its Tgliatelle (popularly known as Bolognese Sauce) the world over. However, its not just the sauce that attracts visitors, the streets of this magnificent city tell stories of the glorious historical past that can be seen all throughout in the form of ancient buildings, monuments and towers erected in the bygone days. A large number of tiny canals flow through this city, making it a romantic spot for many honeymooning couples.

Bologna Bologna

 5. Italian Lake District

The northern boundaries of Italy are the most picturesque and are dotted with beautiful lakes, slopes with dense forest coverings and exotic villas and resorts. The Italian Lake District falls in these boundaries and is most famous for its Lake Garda, the largest lake in the district. There are other lakes too that are equally beautiful and overlook a picturesque landscape that’s decked up with mountainous slopes and greenery.

Italian Lake District Italian Lake District

 6. Pompeii

When Mt Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, it engulfed the whole city of Pompeii and its many innocent lives were buried under thick layers of volcanic lava and ash. This is what makes Pompeii the most visited destination in Italy and it attracts thousands of visitors that come here to witness this ancient city of Rome that now lies in ruins. You can get a glimpse of the lives of early settlers in this city that’s dotted with ruins of bath houses, brothels and bakeries.

Pompeii Pompeii

 7. Milan

Milan, the fashion capital of the world is one of the most visited places in Italy for it is known the world over for its wealthy residents, high fashion streets and designer showrooms. Other attractions include the famous Gothic cathedral that is counted as one of the largest cathedrals in the planet and also the museum that houses a painting “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci.

Milan Italy Milan Italy

 8. Lago di Como Lake

Lago Lario or Lago di Como Lake looks an inverted Y in shape and is dotted with pristine hamlets and lush green surroundings, of which the hamlet of Bellagio is perhaps the most picturesque, sitting coyly just in the middle of its southern coastline. The town of Como can be seen from here and looks serene with a peaceful ambiance to soothe you.

Lago di Como Lake Lago di Como Lake

 9. Venice

Counted as one of the most well known romantic cities of the world, Venice is a city that floats in water and instead of roadways, it has many channels and canals that are used for commuting inside the city. Venice comprises of 118 islands in total and is landscaped with numerous ornamental bridges and canals. Its an ultimate joy to see locals traversing the canals in gondolas to sell their fresh produces. Other places of interest include St Mark’s Basillica and Torre dell’Orologio.

Venice Italy Venice Italy

 10. Naples

With many ancient Gothic monuments and Venetian buildings bespeckling the city’s length and breadth, Naples takes your breath away when you step down on its many labyrinthine streets dotted with amazingly decorated pubs, cafeterias and pizzerias that offer you a romantic ambiance where you can spend quality time with your sweetheart, relishing every bit of ‘that yummy parmigiana or spaghetti’ that goes down your food pipe!

Naples Italy Naples Italy

 11. Lago di Garda

Lake Garda, besides being the largest lake in Italy, also has a rich historical past as the town and other regions surrounding it were once ruled by Lombards, Romans and Venetians. Their presence can be traced from the existence of exotic Roman villas, baths and cathedrals that dot the region. The lake offers a picturesque view of the surrounding landscape and is also home to many Bronze Age rock paintings.

Lago di Garda Lago di Garda

 12. Sicily

If you are planning a trip to this boot legged nation, you must count Sicily in the list of best Places to visit here. The city has a magnificent ancient past and looks awesomely beautiful with charming views of Mount Etna that is considered as the tallest standing volcano of Europe that’s still active. Some places to make a visit are Palermo, the hub of beautiful Churches of Baroque and Agrigento that is famous for its Valley of the Temples.

Sicily Sicily

 13. Padua’s Scrovegni Chapel

Padua is a ancient city nestled in the northern part of Italy and houses the world famous Scrovegni Chapel, a church that was built in 1305 and has many ancient arts and paintings that are restored here. Most famous are the frescoes painted by Giotta di Bondone, a renowned painter and artist. The ceilings of the chapel are adorned with this master artists frescoes that tell the story of Jesus and Mother Mary and the many tales associated with their lives.

Padua’s Scrovegni Chapel Padua’s Scrovegni Chapel

 14. Dolomites

The straight rocky summits of the Dolomites Mountain Range resemble chimneys and look just exquisite when seen at sunset when the light pink rays of the of the sun slowly transcend into purple hues. This phenomena is called Enrosadira and can be seen from far away. Below the pinnacles of Dolomites, lie numerous curvaceous rivers and sharp cliffs whose beauty is worth appreciating if you happen to be here. Several small villages, castles and valleys dot the region.

Dolomites Dolomites

 15. The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Regarded as the third wonder of the world, The Leaning Tower of Pisa is Italy’s much loved monument and is visited in large numbers by tourists from all parts of the world. Its a 12th century relic and is a masterpiece of architectural marvel and engineering. There is a cathedral behind which this tower has been constructed and draws hundreds that come here to click silly pictures of them with their fingers that seem to touch the summit of the tower!

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

 16. Uffizi Gallery, Florence

The Uffizi Gallery in Florence is considered as one of the most famous cities in Italy as it was a cradle of many mighty dynasties that ruled here at different times. The Palazzo Pitti is a beautiful palace and is well known for its amazing facade and gorgeous interiors, of which Uffizi Gallery is one of the most visited. It houses world famous collections of paintings, sculptures and art and was designed by Giorgio Vasari in 1581. The museum is Florence’s gem and very popular.

Uffizi Gallery, Florence Uffizi Gallery, Florence

 17. Mount Etna, Sicily

Perched at a height of 10,000 feet, Mount Etna is an active volcano lying on the eastern coastline of Sicilian Alps. The eruptions are seen all year round, though the last major eruption took place two years back in 2013. The volcano forms a part of Parco dell’Etna, a national park and is picturesquely surrounded with green alpine trees and varied flora and fauna.

Mount Etna, Sicily Mount Etna, Sicily

 18. Villa d’Este, Tivoli

The serene hilly terrain of Tivoli makes its a perfect joint to romance your partner! The town is most famous for its 15th century Villa d’Este, an abode for exotic Renaissance Gardens and ornamental fountains. The villa is a magnificent building with 18 rooms whose interiors are adorned with exquisite frescoes and silken draperies. There is a garden at the terrace and its a World Heritage Site. With pathways made of stone and many small ponds with koi and other varieties of fish, the villa d’Este looks spellbinding.

Villa d’Este, Tivoli Villa d’Este, Tivoli Villa d’Este, Tivoli

 19. Tuscany

Bestowed with innumerable vineyards that produce the world’s most famous wines, amazing rolling fields and meadows with dense growth of cypress trees all around, Tuscany is Italy’s most pristine locations. Tourists can enjoy wine tours and tasting at Chianti and explore various museums and galleries that showcase vast collections of art dating back to Renaissance time.

Tuscany Tuscany

 20. Cinque Terre

If you are someone that loves to cherish peaceful environs of a village that lies in gorgeous settings that are dominated with sun kissed beaches and ragged cliff tops, then Cinque Terre or the land of five villages is your kind of place. The landscape of Cinque Terre leaves an everlasting impression on anyone that loves to see lush green terraces on sloppy hillsides with vineyards to offer a relaxing time.

Cinque Terre Cinque Terre

 21. Colosseum, Rome

Among the 25 Top Tourist Attractions in Italy You Should Visit, showcased today, the gargantuan Colosseum at Rome is worth a mention. With a seating area that could accommodate 50,000 viewers, this colossal amphitheater in Rome was a venue for hosting adventurous and blood curdling games like animal fights, public hangings of prisoners and fights with gladiators. The imposing structure with its circular shape looks majestic and draws thousands that come here to see its grandeur.

Colosseum, Rome Colosseum, Rome

 22. Rome

The beautiful city of Rome could be termed as one of the most culturally vibrant places to visit in Italy and to boast of a rich historical heritage and masterpieces that are architectural marvels like the grand Colosseum and the famous ST Peter’s Basilica. The city is a flourishing place of art and culture, and also a place that lives and breathes fashion.

Rome Italy Rome Italy Rome Italy

 23. Rimini

A perfect getaway for beach lovers, Rimini seaside resort is a popular holiday destination for many Italians. The beach is dotted with shacks and beach beds that attract hundreds that come here to sun bathe and have fun. There are a number of good places where you can satiate your taste buds and chill around in cool bars.

Rimini Italy Rimini Italy

 24. Cascata delle Marmore

There is yet another feather to be added to the contribution of the bygone Romans who built the super imposing waterfall called Cascata delle Marmore, an artificial waterfall with a height of 541 feet. Its counted as one of the highest waterfalls in Italy and is beautifully landscaped with lushness around and a pathway leading up towards the summit of the falls.

Cascata delle Marmore Cascata delle Marmore

 25. Perugia

At number 25 in this list of most awesome cities in Italy comes the beautiful Perugia, a paradise for chocolate lovers. With evidences of various structures dating back to the Renaissance era, this city is a history lover’s abode too. You can visit Sant’ Angelo Church, built in the 6th century. For lovers of chocolates, there is a choco factory and a festival called Eurochocolate that is celebrated every October.

Perugia Perugia

Italy, the birthplace of many a renowned painters, artists and heroes, is a nation to boast of hundreds of world heritage sites, vibrant culture, awesome landscapes and plethora of cuisines. From the cosmopolitan feel of Milan, to the gorgeous settings of Tuscany, to the ancient ruins of Rome and Perugia, there are numerous places here that could be included in today’s post about best places in Italy to attract tourists. Come here to experience life!

Source: Ultimate Places

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