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Best Places To Visit In Indonesia

Among the myriad fabulous places to visit in Indonesia, the ones that we are about to show you are the most popular and you cannot miss an opportunity to visit these places if given a chance. As we all are aware, Indonesia is a mesmerizing Asian country to have a rich cultural diaspora and scenic charm unparalleled till date. There are a hundred things to do in Indonesia and if you are a little clever, you can cover these 21 places and chuck what’s not important. Take a look at the best places to visit in Indonesia and make your booking. 🙂

1. Mount Bromo, East Java

The presence of the imposing volcanic Mount Bromo in front of your eyes is sure to make you dread it but you will not leave the place without getting awestruck by its sheer raw beauty. Yes, this is the way anyone would feel when he or she lands here, Indonesia’s most active volcanic mountain. Most people come here for trekking the mountain trails that are located inside the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru national park. Watching sunrise from atop the volcano is an enriching experience. Indonesia travel will surprise you to no limits!

2. Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja is one of the most interesting Indonesia tourist attractions one has to visit in his or her life for its mysterious ambiance that makes it one of the best places to visit in Indonesia. Its located in the southern part of Sulawesi and is encapsulated by lush green mountains all around. Its dotted with many beautiful villages, each boasting of a rich cultural past. But, the one peculiar aspect about the locals here are their ancient rituals and belief in burying their dead in hanging caves. The atmosphere is eerie and it cannot be missed for sure!

3. Komodo National Park

In this post that speaks of the most interesting places to visit in Indonesia, the Komodo National Park comes third for its the only place in Asia that has a national park dedicated to protecting the rare Komodo Dragon, the largest species of lizard on this planet. The park is a world heritage site and attracts thousands of visitors each year. Located in the region known as Wallacea, the park is an abode for these lizards that have found a safe habitat here. Other animals to be seen here are fruit bats, reptiles. In your most important ‘things to do in Indonesia‘ list, count this one as you can get to see a whole lot of coral life too.

4. Tanah Lot Temple, Bali

Also called Ocean Temple, Tanah Lot Temple definitely has to feature today at number 4 in this countdown that is listing the best of Indonesia tourist attractions as it looks like an abode of fairies! The temple is built on top of a prolongated rock formation seen to emerge right out from the waves of the mighty sea. Its an iconic Balinese attraction that you have to see. The main highlights of the temple are its amazing architecture, and not to forget the dance and cultural performances that are organized off the temple’s premises.

 5. Jakarta

When looking for places in your list of things to do in Indonesia, count Jakarta at number 5th position as its one of the most vibrant and fashionable cities of this country. Dotted with hundreds of skyscrapers, restaurants and nightlife joints, Jakarta is a tourist’s paradise. Its main attractive features are the National Monument, Taman Mini Indonesia and Ancol Dream Park. Its an important destination in your Indonesia travel plans that you cannot ignore.

 6. Lake Toba

There are hundreds of cool and fun places to visit in Indonesia like the very pristine Lake Toba that can also be called Indonesia’s gem. Lake Toba reserves the right of being called the largest volcanic lake, not just in the whole of Asia, but also in the world. A perfect place to recover from the chaotic and stressful life of the cities, the lake will reveal its true beauty once you start enjoying its tranquil environs and also do some boating along with friends and family.

 7. Pura Luhur Uluwatu

Perched right on top of a mountain cliff overlooking the mighty Indian Ocean, the temple is an ethereal example of temple architecture. Its counted as one of the most intriguing places to visit in Indonesia. With a serpentine gateway that welcomes you inside, the temple looks majestic in every way. Be its intricate Ganesha statures that can be seen carved on the gateway or its facade with carvings of mythological characters, the temple surely draws a huge crowd.

 8. Yogyakarta

Your Indonesia travel plans cannot be termed complete unless you witness the mystical ambiance of Yogyakarta at Java. This place is a cultural hub and the melting point of temple architecture that can be seen everywhere, from Prambanan to Borobudur. To see glimpses of Buddhist and Hindu architectural styles on the temples built here is visually appealing and calming. The magnificent temple at Prambanan attracts many that come to witness its grandeur. The whole region is dotted with small markets selling local arts and residents engaged in their usual chores.

 9. Bali Safari and Marine Park, Bali

Indonesia tourist attractions like Bali Safari and Marine Park offer you and your family a fun filled day without you having to travel separately for watching animals and marine life since you get to see them all under one big roof. These are theme parks where you can see animals of different kinds roaming about in their protected habitats. From elephant shows, safari tours, mingling with orangutans to visiting the aquarium and watching live shark shows, there are endless activities in store for you here. Another important attraction here is the elephant village.

 10. Bali

Bali is one of the most popular places to visit in Indonesia, and very few beings on the planet will ever say they didn’t like the sheer beauty of it! Bali signifies beauty in all its forms, like lush green landscapes dotted with pristine rivulets, engulfing rice farms, waterfalls jutting down in cascades and white sandy beaches. Its bedecked with top of the art resorts and has a terrific nightlife on offer. Volcano trekking tours are something you must book before doing anything else in Bali.

 11. Baliem Valley

Counted among the best places to visit in Indonesia, the Baliem Valley, also known as Grand Valley will appeal to all of you. If you are into exploring the tribal trails of Indonesia, visit this valley that is located in Papua region and is home to various African tribes. Some tribes to be found here are Yali, Dani and Lani. The valley is encapsulated amidst lush green surroundings, and is dotted with mountains. Treks are organized for tourists across the steep mountain trails of the valley.

 12. Lombok

Lombok attracts many for its white sandy beach bejeweled with an impressive coral reef offering a safe home to hundreds of marine species. It is located in the region of Nusa Tenggara and is also home to a volcanic mountain called Mount Rinjani. It stands tall amidst lush surroundings that are habitats for many animal species. Some common water sports activities famous here are snorkeling, and diving. Treks are also conducted across the trails of Mount Rinjani for such travelers that are adventure enthusiasts. Lombok definitely has to be featured in the best of places to visit in Indonesia.

 13. Raja Ampat

If Raja Ampat is not included in the list of best places to visit in Indonesia, it won’t do any justice to this post as its a real gem of Indonesia and is home to almost more than half of world’s marine life, including fish and other species. Most come here to take part in diving expeditions as well as snorkeling. The island is a pristine place that looks like a painting. With the vast engulfing surfs of the blue sea and rich biodiversity, Raja Ampat is a divine place.

 14. Taman Impian Jaya Ancol

In your things to do in Indonesia bucket list, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol must be ticked as the place to visit this year. It is also called Ancol Dreamland, and which we address as “the mother of all theme parks”! It overlooks the Java Sea and is an amazing beach resort covering a huge area of land. There are hundreds of fun rides for kids and adults alike. It also has an under sea tunnel at Sea World where you can see many different kinds of marine life.

 15. Goa Gajah

Is Indonesia travel playing big in your mind? If so, we would suggest you visit Goa Gajah, a cave with an impressive facade that bears resemblance to an elephant. It falls in the south eastern fringes of Ubud and attracts its fair share of tourists. At first glance, the entrance of the 11th century cave resembles a giant or a rakshasa’s face. Inside the cave lies ruins of Shiva’s Lingam and an idol of Ganesha. The cave looks eerie but will appeal to those that believe in myths and religions.

 16. Bunaken National Park

The coral gardens of Bunaken National Park have to be seen when you are in Indonesia. Housing not just an elaborate carpet of colorful coral world under its waters, the park also is regarded as an abode for diving enthusiasts. Northern Sulawesi is most visited for this marine park that stretches itself over many islands and is dotted with under water caves, and caverns. Its crystal clear blue waters will make you behave like a fish that never wants to stop swimming!

 17. Ubud Palace

The Ubud Palace stands testimony to the opulence of Balinese architecture that is seen on its many houses that form an integral part of the palace. Its counted among the best of places to visit in Indonesia. Some interesting features to look out for when visiting it are an art market, an auditorium, and a banyan tree. No trip to Ubud is complete without visiting this beautiful palace. The palace has seen many celebrity painters that have stayed here from time to time and have inspired Balinese arts in a major way.

 18. The Tanjung Puting National Park

National parks form an important part as far as Indonesia tourist attractions are concerned as the whole country is dotted with forests and are home to myriad species of flora and fauna. The park, located in Kalimantan is home to orangutans that thrive here in abundance. Its a world heritage site and is one of the two places in Indonesia to house these primates. The multi diverse reserve is also home to many other animals like macaques and various kinds of reptiles. Visitors usually come here for taking Klotok boat tours that take you deep inside the reserve to see these awesome primates.

 19. Gili Islands

Among Lombok’s prime attractions lie the famous Gili Islands, a must to be included destination in the list of interesting places to visit in Indonesia. Composed of smaller islands, totaling three in number, the Gili Island offers tourists a great choice as far as enjoying the beachfront is concerned. The beach’s white sandy texture makes it a haven for lazing around while engaging in cool water sports. With numerous cafes and eating joints lining the beach, the Gili Island is a pleasing place to relax.

 20. Agung Rai Museum of Art, Bali

Spread across five hectares of land, the museum is a melting pot of Indonesia’s art and culture where you can get to witness paintings by prominent painters. Some works to impress you are Kamasan Paintings and many arts by Affandi and Hofker. The museum is nestled amidst scenic settings dominated by small water channels and gardens. There are exhibits featuring different dynasties that ruled the country over centuries. The facade of the museum building is typically Balinese and looks spectacular.

 21. Mount Batur

Perched amidst lush green landscapes in the Kintamani District of Bali, Mount Batur is a hiker’s paradise. The volcanic mountain attracts many a hard core adventurists that come here to explore its varied flora and fauna. The mountain is considered sacred by locals that worship it. Many trekking tours are conducted that take tourists on the curvaceous bends and steep trails, leading them to the top. A must see destination if you are in Indonesia!

With a rich bio diverse land, culture and people, Indonesia is a dream destination for such folks that truly regard themselves as wanderers or explorers of hidden treasures. Comprising of almost 17,000 islands, Indonesia is a Mecca for enjoyment that comes in the form of national parks, museums, entertainment centers, gorgeous beaches, mountains, and rivers. Hope you all have loved reading the post and will come back to us if you think we need to include a few more destinations in our list of most happening places to visit in Indonesia.

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