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How to Travel to Europe for $300

Gone are the days that flights to Europe cost $2000. with just $300, You could be under the northern lights in Iceland, or enjoying beer and bratwurst in Germany. How to Travel to Europe for $300?

I am no travel expert. You know, there’s those people that can tell you (and that actually have) how to travel to Europe for free: it just takes great credit, lots of opened credit cards, and time. I’m more impatient, and my travel hack is much easier.

Let me tell you two things before talking about secret travel tips.

1. There totally are $2000 flights to Europe all over the place. If first-class is your preferred way to travel, maybe this post isn’t for you. Stick with me if you consider yourself a traveler with a “tight-ish” budget.
2. This post was not funded in any shape or form by any company. Shoot, if one of the companies I mention wants to send me some free flight vouchers or coffee money, I’d be ecstatic. But, they don’t know this post exists. So, no sponsorship here yet.

Now that those confessions are out of the way, let me introduce you to WOW Air.

How to Travel to Europe for $300

I found out about WOW Air from a travel blog last year while I was trying to find the cheapest route to Spain. WOW Air provided exactly that, the cheapest route to Spain, while also providing a pleasant, comfortable travel experience.

While there were no bells and whistles like free wifi, complementary meals, etc, I totally count their bright purple-everything and funny notes to guests as bells and whistles. (Don’t fret, there were plenty of options to purchase the other bells and whistles at a normal price)

The service of WOW Air was extremely friendly and efficient. I had no problems from checking in and checking a bag (that was a liiiiiiiitle overweight but was checked without any extra fees) to boarding and arrival.

I could not recommend WOW Air more, and I am sure I will be flying with them again in the future.

How to Travel to Europe for $300

How to Travel to Europe for $300

For example, here’s a screen shot for flights from Boston to Reykjavik roundtrip for $222, a small carry-on and taxes included. Anyone want to make a Christmas trip to Iceland with me? There’s other amazing destinations, like Copenhagen, Barcelona, London, etc, for similar prices.

Like always, there’s a catch or two. For now, WOW Air only flies from Boston (BOS) and Washington D.C. (BWI) in the US, and it flies to select European cities. But often, the domestic flight to that airport, and the flight to another European City (helloooo Ryan Air) is still much cheaper than the competing airlines.

And of course, it always helps to find the best deal if you are able to travel on flexible dates. But that’s nothing unique to this airline, that rule generally applies to all airlines.

How to Travel to Europe for $300

So, when planning your next trip, see what WOW Air has to offer. You might be surprised.

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